Workforce Management Services

Comprehensive solutions to meet your staffing needs nationwide.

Unmatched Healthcare Expertise

A partner who understands the nuances of workforce management is vital to healthcare organizations. VHS provides a menu of workforce solutions that can be tailored to your facility’s needs. Our clients include health systems, clinics, and government agencies. They trust us to recruit exceptional clinicians for healthcare facilities nationwide. No matter where you’re located, we have the expertise and reach to connect you with the right providers.

Dedicated Contract Management Plans

At VHS, we take a hands-on approach to contract management. Our Program Manager (PM) is responsible for every aspect of planning, validation, execution, maintenance, and support of our contracts. This attention to detail ensures the successful delivery of high-quality work, all while staying on schedule and within defined budgets. Our PM adds value by continuously seeking ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Through our hybrid program management framework created to improve our services, we achieve several critical goals:

Increased Program Agility: We adapt to changing mandates, regulations, policies, and process needs, ensuring your program remains agile.

Reduced Service Delivery Time and Cost: We improve operational productivity by innovating solutions while reducing administrative burdens.

Improved Collaboration and Communication: We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure clear and proper communication, allowing for the smooth delivery of service.

Minimized Risk of Service Disruption: Our comprehensive human capital solutions, quality control, and proven program management processes reduce the risk of service disruption.

Seamless Workforce Management: For healthcare employers looking for workforce management services that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, VHS has the right solutions.

Build a Winning Healthcare Team